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MCESD to participate in webinar on European Pillar of Social Rights

The European Commission Representation in Malta is organising a webinar on the Action Plan tied to the Implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights tomorrow between 3 and 5pm. The European Pillar of Social Rights is the common compass for a fair and sustainable recovery in Europe’s economy. The themes to be discussed: Education, […]

MCESD to meet again…

To chair high-profile meeting on Covid-19 Tuesday MCESD is once again chairing a high-profile meeting at the Prime Minister’s office at Auberge de Castille, Valletta. The meeting is intended to take stock of the Covid-19 situation.   In August, another MCESD meeting was held with the Prime Minister where social partners – from representatives of […]

MCESD Civil Society Committee meeting held

During a zoom meeting, members of the committee were informed on the MCESD Council meetings held over the past few weeks, which were held at MCAST in Paola, one of which was on the pre budget proposals. Members decided to review their pre-budget submissions and push their proposals with the respective ministry tied to each […]

Finance Minister lauds MCESD for its work, social partners over concrete budget proposals

Minister For Finance Edward Scicluna expressed great satisfaction on the way the budget proposals by social partners were presented to the Finance Ministry, stating that social partners were objective, something he hadn’t seen happening for years. He also lauded MCESD for its work and the social dialogue sphere and economist Kirsten Cutajar Miller for compiling […]

MCESD Executive Secretary participates in European Semester Group meeting

MCESD Executive Secretary Adriana Chircop participated in an online meeting of European Semester Group (ESG) held today. Topics discussed included the ESG End of Mandate Report, the Draft Opinions for ECO/520 and ECO/521 An EP briefing: “What role for the European Semester in steering the economic recovery?” “Greening the Recovery by Greening the Fiscal Consolidation”m […]

MCESD press section participates in EESC news conference

MCESD’s press officer Duncan Barry today participated in a remote presentation of a study prepared by the EESC – European Economic and Social Committee Group 3 ‘Diversity Europe’. All press officers of national European social committees were invited for the online meeting. The four authors of the study delivered the findings of the study. The President […]

Updated: MCESD meeting on gender pay gap, flexible work practices

Ministry within OPM commissions technical report on basic living income for a more decent income for all MCESD analyses work conditions: Committees focusing on remote working and gender pay gap   The Ministry within the Office of the Prime Minister commissioned a technical report about basic living income. This was announced by the Minister within […]

Two MCESD high-profile meetings called within 24 hours

Within 24 hours, MCESD brought together its members twice, comprising of representatives of trade unions, employer and employee organisations, and businesses to discuss issues of national importance and evolving situations, including one held at the Prime Minister’s office on the unfolding COVID situation on Friday. MCESD’s prime objective, as new MCESD chairperson James Pearsall put […]

Six-hour MCESD meeting with Prime Minister

An MCESD meeting on the COVID situation called by the Prime Minister following calls by social partners forming part of MCESD, lasted some six hours. In his opening address to social partners and members of the press, PM Robert Abela, flanked by new MCESD chairperson James Pearsall, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne, Minister Carmelo Abela, […]

MCESD meeting on political situation

An MCESD meeting was held on Wednesday August 5, 2020 on the political situation, ahead of another MCESD meeting called by the Prime Minister which is being held Thursday on the COVID situation. Mr James Pearsall, the new MCESD chairman, addressed social partners for the first time since his appointment on August 1. Mr Pearsall […]